Seriously, no fun was had by all.

I posted this, tongue-in-cheek, on my Instagram page and thought I would share here as well.

Look, I get it. Family photo sessions *can* be stressful. I mean, we can all relate to this meme, right? We can count on the toddler to go OFF SCHEDULE on photo shoot days. We can bet on the kiddo to get in a fight with the dog and have facial scars to prove it. We can purchase the cutest outfits only to have a screaming three-nager refuse to wear the scratchy sweater. It happens.

Funny but too true!

But DURING THE SHOOT, I make it my goal to do whatever I can to make it as fun and close to painless as possible. And I think I have a pretty good success record. Because if the following images don't look fun and pain-free and UN-stressful, I don't know what does. If families come back year after year, it must not be too traumatic!

These are a few favorites from some recent short story sessions. And if these don't make you smile, you just might have a heart of stone. Just saying...

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