Yes, you need a headshot. No, it is not as scary as you think it will be.

Whether you are a business owner, a writer, a creative, an influencer, executive, or social media aficionado, chances are you will need a headshot at some point. I love working with clients to create professional headshots that not only look right but feel right as well. I get a particular thrill when a client looks at her proofs online and exclaims "Hey! That is ME! I see myself looking back at me!"

Headshots don't need to be scary. They can be fun, creative, exploratory, edgy, comfortable. Most of all, they must be personal. When working with headshot and branding clients, we always collaborate on the best locations, props, and looks we want to achieve. This happens outside, inside, at home, at a cafe, in a park, in a sunflower field, at a barn, or a bridge or beach. It happens with dogs, or pots, or paints or books. Basically, we create whatever is uniquely YOU and/or your business.

Here are some headshots for a variety of clients I have worked with: authors, photographers, business owners, bloggers:

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