A Bittersweet farewell

After nearly 11 years in Maryland, our family, and my business are moving to the great state of Colorado. We are incredibly excited about this new chapter in our family's journey and story. We have friends peppered all over the state... childhood friends, college friends, work friends. And hopefully new friends soon! We anticipate many epic adventures and a fresh, new way of life as individuals and as a family.

However, as we all know, a new chapter cannot begin without an old one ending. As I have reflected on our decade of living and working in Maryland, I find myself feeling a whole host of emotions, often accompanied by a few tears.

I have had the privilege of working with so many wonderful people... brides and grooms, new moms, families, seniors, couples, businesses, professionals, nonprofits, and friends. It would take more than one blog post to name you all and express my gratitude for choosing me to be your photographer in whatever chapter of your life you hired me to capture and memorialize. With all my heart, I say "Thank you!" And I wish you the best as you continue on with your lives.

thank you - thank you - thank you

(and if you are ever in colorado...)

Call me! Email me! Message me! Let's have some fun in Colorado for vacation family portraits, elopements, headshots, senior photos... anything. Would love to see you again and of course, would love to work with you again.

A special thank you to my long-time repeat clients...

I will be back for you!

There are a few of you who have continued, year after year, to entrust me with all of your family's special moments... Weddings, births, family portraits, headshots, senior photos, and more. I cannot begin to express how honored and grateful I am every year when you continue to choose to work with me and trust me with these images and moments. As of right now, I plan to come back to Maryland in the fall to shoot your annual family sessions. STAY TUNED! I will have to pack them all into one long weekend, so I will update you as soon as I have chosen dates so we can all coordinate and plan accordingly.

however. If you need a local photographer...

I know, I know.... You are totally going to need to find a new local photographer as well. I have two women I can vouch for 100%. Please, please look them up. Follow their social media pages. Reach out when you need to!

Documentary Style. Real Life. Portraits.

Fleur was one of my first friends and neighbors when we moved to Maryland. I have absolutely been blown away by her evolution as one of the best photographers I have seen. She is self-taught and has put in the WORK to learn and perfect her craft. She has been published in a number of places with her documentary photos and projects receiving all kinds of recognition and awards. She also has done and continues to do some amazing work with local non-profits in the area, often donating her time and talent to worthy causes. She is located in Silver Spring, MD.




POSITIVE LIGHT (nonprofit work)


Chris and I first met at the gym we both worked out at. She recently hired me to do her branding and headshots for her photography business. Let me tell you... I count it one of the highest honors and compliments to be hired by a fellow photographer. I loved working with Chris and you will, too. She does stunning studio, headshot and senior photo (among other things) work. Check out her current project, FIFTY OVER FIFTY! Chris is located in Ellicott City, MD.




50 OVER 50